How to Reduce Your Manufacturing Facility’s Energy Consumption by 20% (source: Atlas Copco)

Did you know, of all the energy used in manufacturing, compressed air systems have the largest potential for improvement? It is estimated that compressed air systems in the U.S. consume approximately 30 billion kilowatt-hours per year, and account for $3.2 billion in wasted energy costs annually due to two culprits: Preventable maintenance issues; and Inefficient operations. Read More…


TESCORP Partner Atlas Copco’s Climate Initiatives Recognized by United Nations

Atlas Copco was recently recognized during the United Nations’ Business and Climate Summit for our climate initiatives, including our goals to impact emissions through energy efficient products and to decrease the carbon footprint of our operations. We have long been committed to sustainable business practices, including constant innovation of our products to be more reliable and energy efficient, because it positively impacts the environment, the industry and our customers. Read More…


How Green Are You? A Quincy Compressor Study

Can operating a profitable company also be environmentally friendly? For most companies, the idea of protecting the environment and conserving natural resources brings to mind expensive renovations and higher operating cost. The information contained in this booklet should serve as a guide and offers a starting point for identifying ways to green up your plant. One smart way to help the environment and lower operating costs is to shine a spotlight on the air compressor system powering much of a plant’s equipment. Read More…