100 to 300  MBTU/hr Capabilities
Ratings based on 2500′ elevation
3 MPH wind load
Capacities  from 25 to 400 MSFCD (steam)
Ambient Temperatures  to 110F

Price available upon request
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The TESCORP “BETX CONDENSER” Series systems are for application to meet EPA CFR 40, Subpart 0000 regulations and our customers BTEX vapor recovery gas emission requirements. Designed and constructed for “wet/corrosive” gas applications utilizing all stainless steel components. TESCORP’s “BETX CONDENSER” are compact, self-contained, fully automated systems complete with gas cooling and condensing heat exchanger, pneumatic condensate controls and positive displacement pneumatic pump.

The TESCORP BTEX Condenser series systems are modular designed units with broad ranges in capabilities for ease of adaption to varying sites and conditions.>
The unit offers the following design and optional features: features:
  • All 316 Stainless Steel heat exchanger, inlet & discharge vessels and piping.
  • Winter heating element utilizing the site's hot glycol or oil to prevent freezing.
  • All pneumatic operated for use with either Instrument Air of Process Gas.
  • Pneumatic diaphragm pump with controls
  • Natural Convection air cooling without any electrical power utilization.
  • Discharge vent gas flame arrester
  • Discharge vent gas flame arrester
  • The skid assemblies are designed for harsh oil field conditions.