The Solution to Your EPA Quad “0” Regulations Issues

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Designed for compliance to EPA “New Source Performance Standards” (40 CFR 60 Subpart 0000a)
Emission recovery ow rate: VM3 = 9scfm; VM5 = 16.7scfm; VM10 = 25.7scfm

Discharge pressures to 50 Psig
Horsepower: VM3 = 3Hp; VM5 = 5Hp; VM10 = 10Hp


The TESCORP “VENT MASTER” is a proprietary, completely self-contained vent gas recovery system for containing and recovering the vented gas emissions from compressor seals, packing, and pneumatic pumps or control valves. The TESCORP “VENTMASTER” is a complete, simple, and fully-automated system for applications that require compliance with new EPA and state vent emissions requirements (40 CFR 60 Subpart 0000a).

The unit offers the following design and optional features:
Single-stage reciprocating compressor with:
  • Air-cooled for continuous duty
  • Pressure lubricated
  • Rod packing seal
  • Special vapor recovery heads for saturated gas
  • Continuous duty, constant flow

  • Premium efficiency electric motor drive with:
  • TEFC enclosure, NEMA “B” torque, 1.15 service factor; Class F insulation
  • Inverter duty for application with “VFD” drive

  • Suction scrubber constructed per the following:
  • Designed and constructed, per ASME Section VII
  • 316 SS Mist eliminator
  • Particulate in-line filter
  • Condensate level controls, sight gauges, blow-case with pressure capability to 50 Psig

  • Constant flow control:
  • Automatic ow control valve for continuous vacuum level
  • HMI adjustable inlet vaccum settings
  • Emission recovery control panel is designed per NEC Class I, Division II, Class B, C & D with:
  • PLC control
  • Alarm and operational parameters display on HMI
  • Automatic failsafe control functions
  • Adjustable eld settings
  • Unit remote start/stop
  • Unit remote run/alarm

  • VENTMASTER unit construction:
  • All electrical components and wiring per NEC Class I, Division II, Class B,C, & D
  • Skid assembly shall conform to ASTM A-36 requirements
  • All rotating equipment is fully protected with non-sparking guards
  • All units receive a complete mechanical/ control run test with documentation
  • Unit Dimensions 42” x 42” x 56” Tall. 1300 Lbs.

  • Options:
  • Sour or corrosive gas (NACE compliant » Motor starters and/or VFD drives
  • Oxygen sensor