The Tes-Mist removes oil and water from compressed air and gas efficiently and economically:

Features & Specifications:

  • Handles submicron particles efficiently

  • Minimum pressure drop due to depth of infltration bed

  • Self-draining feature promotes extra-long element life

  • SUBMICRON MIST PARTICLES are often the inevitable by- product of any compression process. Particles are formed through evaporation and re-condensation due to the heat of compression and by lubricant blow-by.

  • OUR TES-MIST ELIMINATOR is designed to remove virtually any type of mist from virtually any air or gas stream. The Tes-Mist Eliminator is particularly effective at handling submicron particles.

  • THIS EFFECTIVE DEVICE utilizes special glass fibers packed between perforated plates. As the contaminated gas passes into the fiber bed, particles collect on the fibers by impaction and Brownian diffusion.

  • PARTICLES THEN COALESCE into liquid, which moves to the outside surface of the element via gas “drag”. Collected liquid then gravitates down the element and into a sump from which it can be drained.

  • TES-MIST ELIMINATOR is a quality-built product designed to operate with minimum maintenance. These highly efficient units are in wide use throughout the U.S. and abroad.