TESCORP is a designer, fabricator, service center and distributor for the full array of air compressors and accessories for the general American industry. From vacuum, pneumatic handling, and plant air to high-pressure breathing air applications, TESCORP has compressors, components, and the expertise to design, sell and service the industry’s compression needs.

TESCORP staff can aid the customer in selection and integration of compressor units for the following applications:

  • Vacuum applications to 29″ HgV
  • High volume pneumatic transfer 50 PSIG and volumes to 8,000 SCFM
  • Both lubricated and non-lubricated industrial air application to and in excess of 250 PSIG
  • High pressure air applications to 6000 PSIG
  • Breathing air compressors and fill stations
    TESCORP has decades of compression and manufacturing experience bringing economical solutions to complex process or emission problems.

    The compression design, instrumentation protocol, materials selection, with emphasis towards ease of operations is the standards of excellence found in all TESCORP products and design. All TESCORP products are designed, constructed and serviced per industry standards and come with performance guarantees and warranted accordingly.