Off-gases, vapors from chemical processes, distillation processes, crude-oil storage tanks, and emissions from treatment facilities are gases which are detrimental to the environment and must be neutralized or processed to be in compliance.

TESCORP is a specialist in the field of capturing, compressing, and transferring valuable and potentially damaging hydrocarbon gases. We do this at the optimum pressures and capacities to further process or monetize these gases while eliminating hazardous discharges to the environment.TESCORP has decades of compression and manufacturing experience, bringing economical solutions to complex process or emission problems. Compression design, instrumentation protocol and materials selection all are approached with an emphasis on ease of operations and the TESCORP standard of excellence. All TESCORP products are designed, constructed and serviced per industry standards and come with performance guarantees and warranted accordingly.

From integrated gas compression systems within a process facility or stand alone systems for field gas vapor recovery and in-situ soil remediation,TESCORP is an established leader of design and manufacturer in environmental gas products.

Demands on environmental control of emissions are constantly increasing. Not only in the oil industry, but in nearly every faction of our industrial community we have seen a greater demand for accountability in environmental responsibility. The days of allowing product to vent and dissipate into the atmosphere are not only long gone, but irresponsible and, in most cases, a loss of profit.

From the beginning, TESCORP has focused on capturing fugitive emissions and transporting them safely. During our first years, vapor recovery was used extensively as a means to recover large amounts of gas being lost through destruction via a flare or by being vented. Nowadays, every new facility is required to implement some type of vapor recovery strategy, and are not allowed to continue processing in the event of an environmental malfunction. With this in mind, TESCORP has developed equipment that is rugged, reliable and built to your standards.

TESCORP‘s specialty has always been in designing custom-tailored machines for any application in any industry. As the future of emission regulations demands more accountability, TESCORP is ready and prepared. Our machines are capable of exceeding current and future regulations. As demand for an off-the-shelf vapor recovery system has come to the forefront of many customers, TESCORP has responded with many standard products ready for quick ship to meet nearly any environmental challenge.