Single-Stage Rotary Vane Compressor
25 to 300 Horsepower
Vacuum to 27″ HgV or 0-50 PSIG Inlet Pressure
Maximum Discharge Pressure from 60 to 150 PSIG

Price available upon request
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Performance varies with inlet
pressures. See application
graph for correct sizing.

The TESCORP "CGB-1" SERIES is a completely self-contained single stage compression system for applications for wet, saturated and corrosive gas stream, flare gas recovery, or medium pressure process gas application. Constructed with a rugged rotary vane compressor, TESCORP vapor recovery technology and components; the CGB-1 is a complete and fully automated system for applications that require gas cooling,proportional capacity control, and sophisticated PLC driven control logic and communications.

The unit offers the following design and optional features:
Single-stage rotary vane compressor with:
  • Liquid-cooled for continuous duty
  • Oil-lubricated compressor
  • Mechanical seal
  • Special vapor recovery heads for saturated gas applications

  • Force feed lubrication system complete with:
  • Progressive flow type divider block lubricator, manifold, filter, and oil storage reservoir
  • Oil flow indicators, flow monitor, and controls

  • Premium efficiency electric motor drive with:
  • TEFC enclosure, 460 VAC/3-Phase/60 Hertz, NEMA "B" torque, 1.15 service factor
  • Inverter duty for application with "VFD" drive

  • Suction scrubber constructed per the following:
  • Designed, constructed, stamped and National Board Certified per ASME Section VIII
  • 1/8" corrosion allowance
  • 316 SS mist eliminator
  • Condensate level controls, gauges, pump rated for flow and pressure

  • Heat exchanger assembly complete with the following:
  • Gas After-Cooler for 30F at 100F ambient approach, motor and manual louvers
  • Designed, constructed, stamped and National Board Certified per ASME Section VIII
  • Closed loop compressor jacket water cooling system for continuous 24/7 duty
  • Thermostatic control valve for complete temperature maintenance in varying temperatures
  • Piping materials, welding procedures, design and construction are per the following:
  • ANSI B31.3 latest edition
  • Fully automated control panel is designed per NEC Class I, Division II, Class B,C, & D with:
  • Controls and panels per customer preference
  • DCS Communications Logic

  • CGB-1 unit construction:
  • All electrical components and wiring per NEC Class I, Division II, Class B,C, & D
  • Skid assembly shall conform to ASTM A-36 requirements
  • All rotating equipment is fully protected with non-sparking guards
  • All units receive a complete mechanical/ control run test with documentation

  • Options:
  • Sour or corrosive gas protections
  • Controls and panels per customer preference
  • Motor starters and/or VFD drives