Rotary Vane Compressor
7 1/2 to 40 Horsepower; -10″ HgVto 8 PSIG Inlet Pressure
Maximum Discharge Pressure 150 PSIG

Price available upon request
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The TESCORP "MGB" SERIES is a self-contained field gas and well head gas compression system for inlet pressures for 10"HgV to 8 PSIG and discharge pressures up to 150 PSIG. With proven TESCORP automated controls, components, and the rugged MVR rotary vane compressor,the MGB series of units are applicable to low inlet pressure applications of -10" HgV to 8 PSIG, discharge pressures to 150 PSIG, and flow capacities from 25 to 250 MSCFD. The MGB gas booster unit is a compact and fully-automated system for continuous operation in the harsh oil field environment. The unit is designed for ease of installation and simplicity of operation and maintenance. The unit is designed to accommodate factory options for various climates, operating procedures, and accessories for ease of application into the customers flow systems.

The unit offers the following design and optional features:
Single-stage rotary vane compressor with:
  • Oil-injected, air-cooled elements for continuous duty
  • Mechanical seal
  • Special vapor recovery heads for saturated gas applications

  • Premium efficiency electric motor drive with:
  • TEFC enclosure, 460 VAC/3-Phase/60 Hertz, NEMA "B" torque, 1.15 service factor
  • Inverter duty for application with "VFD" drive

  • Suction scrubber constructed per the following:
  • Designed and constructed per ASME Section VIII
  • 1/8" corrosion allowance
  • Condensate level controls, gauges with integral condensate blowcase

  • Heat exchanger assembly complete with the following:
  • Closed-loop compressor oil cooling system for continuous duty
  • Air cooled heat exchanger
  • Thermostatic control valve for complete temperature maintenance for varying temperatures and gas compositions
  • Piping materials, welding procedures, design and construction are per the following:
  • ANSI B31.3 latest edition

  • Fully automatic vapor recovery control panel and control components:
  • TESCORP vapor recovery logic
  • Color HMI with compressor performance and annunciation
  • Load/no-load flow automatic start/stop
  • Modbus RTU RS 485 Communications

  • MGB unit construction:
  • All electrical components and wiring per NEC Class I, Division II, Class B,C, & D
  • Skid assembly shall conform to ASTM A-36 requirements
  • All units receive a complete mechanical/ control run test with documentation

  • Options:
  • Weather enclosure for low temperature environments
  • Controls and panels per customer preference
  • Motor starters and/or VFD drives