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EPA New Source Performance Standards: What You Need to Know
February 13, 2018
Introducing the TESCORP CVR-Mini.
March 1, 2018

Download TESCORP’s “What is Instrument Air” power point presentation here.

Throughout industry, much of the production equipment is pneumatically driven or controlled. The air required to perform this function comes from the facilities or site air compression system. In some industry functions, the produced air quality from the air compressor system is sufficient in its raw form to accomplish the required operations. But in the case where the site environmental conditions warrant, or the process components require a cleaner, dryer air supply, then the produced air must be conditioned to meet these requirements. In the oil & gas industry, or those facilities where process controls and sensitive pneumatic machinery are operated, the air quality supplied must meet “Instrument Air Quality” standards.

We’ve compiled a resource on Instrument Air – our quality standards and some basic information to guide you – here. The info is free to download for your usage.

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