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TESCORP “VentMaster” Product Line
Utilizing the many decades of experience and in-house expertise that TESCORP has accumulated, we have designed a standardized product line of Vapor Emission Products for the standard field gas applications of process gas collection and stock tank vapor recovery. The VentMaster line is specifically designed and constructed to meet the following design and application criteria:

  1. Specifically designed for saturated “wet” gases that have been problematic for many compressor applications. The VentMaster line of compression systems are all designed to accept saturated gases and to add “super heat” in the compression cycle to maintain temperature in excess of dewpoint and therefore eliminate any chance of condensation within the compression process. All VentMaster systems are designed with compressor systems of either reciprocating or rotary vane compressors, specifically designed for saturated gas applications. All gas condensation is accomplished in the inter-cooler or after-cooler sections of the system with post two-phase separation specifically designed for these gases and liquid content.
  2. Specifically designed for easy installation and operation in all oilfield & plant environments. The TESCORP VentMaster series is designed and constructed to be a standardized system utilizing commonality of parts and systems for quick deliveries and a low cost purchase and installation.

Design features include:

  • All gas condensation is accomplished in the inter-cooler or after-cooler sections of the system with post 2-phase separation specifically designed for these gases and liquid content.
  • Designed for all existing oilfield environments from extreme hot to extreme cold application. All VentMaster Vapor Recovery Units are constructed with environmental equipment enclosures to protect the equipment from the elements and to provide acoustic noise dampening for better environmental and personnel protection.
  • The units are all constructed per applicable code, i.e. ASME, ANSI and NEC for safe field installation and operation.
  • All maintenance items are designed to be easily accessible to the operator through enclosure doors or removable panels.
  • The TESCORP-constructed PLC control panel with preprogrammed logic algorithms allows the VentMaster systems to be easily configured to operate at various pressures and flows as may be needed to meet various emission applications.

Standard accessories include:

  • Matching motor control centers with all properly sized and programmed VFD’s, accessory motor starters and logic.
  • Optional “artic” cold weather heaters and heat tracing.
  • Optional capacity control valves and logic.
  • Optional unit paralleling and lead/lag controls for multiple unit operations.
  • Optional downstream gas accessories that are designed to complement the gas system.
  • Air-cooled convection gas condensers.
  • Gas/condensate demisters for final gas polishing of entrained liquids.

VentMaster Units:

  1. BVR-M 1 & 2 (3 to 30 horsepower): The TESCORP BVR-M 1 & 2 Series are completely self-contained compression systems designed to meet EPA CFR 40, Subpart 0000 regulations for applications for stock tank vapor recovery, flare gas recovery, or small flow, medium pressure process gas applications. Constructed as a compact and fully-contained system, these are constructed with a Blackmer air-cooled, single-stage or two-stage, pressure-lubricated, reciprocating gas compressor and TESCORP vapor recovery unit technology and components. The BVR-M 1 & 2 Vapor Recovery Units are designed for applications in field gas or refinery process applications where very saturated and/or corrosive gases must be processed.
  2. CVR-M 1 & 2 (20 to 75 horsepower): TESCORP’s CVR-M 1 & 2 Series VRU systems are designed for applications to meet EPA CFR 40, Subpart 0000 regulations and our customers’ stock tank vapor recovery gas emission requirements. Designed and constructed for “wet” gas applications utilizing a rugged single-stage or two-stage rotary vane compressor, TESCORP’s CVR-M 1 & 2 are compact, self-contained, fully automated VRU systems complete with gas cooling, “load/no-load” capacity control with sophisticated PLC control logic with customer “DCS” communication.
  3. ERU (15 horsepower): The EPA has recognized that the issue of fugitive emissions emitted from compressor packing boxes, gas-operated control valves and pumps contributes up to 72.4 BCF of methane per year into the atmosphere. All packing systems leak under normal conditions. Continued servicing, packing replacement or flaring of these gas emissions is costly and not a total solution. TESCORP VentMaster ERU recovers and returns these gases back to the process.

TESCORP CVR 1 Compressor image 1TESCORP BVR Duplex Compressor image

***If you have any questions about current EPA standards, please see our write up or contact us.***